Blue Part - Cheers

blue part cheers

Don Cortison  
2 Montana Ranch  
3 Sweet lovely Tinne  
Smoking Ferdinand  
Gost riders  
De Flokkers  
Mister V  
The Pirates  
10  Pat's swing  
11  Duelling' guitars  
12  Countrytime  

Treasures and things

treasures and things

Chocolate Chaude and black coffee  
2 Crashing  
3 At moon by mom and dad  
Thierry the beer  
Duelling guitars  
Montana ranch  
Chrissie's farm  
Allan's dream  
10  Turnaround  
11  Tania - the girl of Phil  
12  Passie  

A whole lotta live

A whole lotta live

2 Fotofinisch  
3 Countrytime  
Country Medley  
Seven nations army  
Friday evening blues  
Mission impossible  
Pussy town  
10  Finelly gone  
11  Shadoogie  
12  Scuttin butin  

Smells like country

smells like country

Red river valley  
2 Pipeline  
3 Peter gunn  
Once upon a time in the west  
Besa me mucho  
La Bamba  
Blossom cherry Wine  
10  Red river valley  
11  Turnaround  
12  Ragging in Pat  
13 Shadoogie - Mistery train  
14  Johnny guitar  
15  Albatros  
16  Pussy town  
17 Scuttin butin  
18 Quarter master store  
19 Tango  
20 Blossom cherry Wine